Chatterbox: Beauty Community Burn-Out

I want to start this off by saying that I do not intend this to be offensive, or a judgment on any individual person who might read this. I have been feeling this way for a few months, and it would just be nice to talk about it. I’m getting burned out on the beauty […]

Lip Balm Show-Down

I am kind of lip balm obsessed. There is one on my desk, one in my travel stuff, one in my purse, one hanging out where I keep my skin care, and there will be one in my roommate’s car. That last one is the TokyoMilk lip elixir, which I’m not sure they make anymore, […]

Small Palette Collection

I love small palettes. When you don’t have vision that is equal to differentiation of some shades from others, you resort to memorizing what is where in a palette. The handful of larger palettes I own only have between ten and fourteen shades, and I have to look them up from time to time. As […]

Review: “When Legends Rise” by Godsmack

This is the first time I will actively review a male-lead band here. I mainly cover female-fronted rock and metal bands, but I’ve actually felt a little stifled, because while this is something I enjoy, I want to share favorite releases with you regardless of the gender of the band’s lead vocalist. So, a majority […]