Review: “Ignite EP” by Soul Desire

Experiences come and go, and things end so better ones can begin. Soul Desire is a band out of the UK, and “Ignite EP” is their first release under this moniker.   Chris, Rob, and lead vocalist Becky are former members of One Last Run, whom I discovered on Ravenheart Music last year, trolling for new bands to check out for the fun of it. So, it was luck then, and today I have solid proof that Friday the 13th is in fact lucky. Because I decided to randomly search Soul Desire on iTunes, after One Last Run posted on their page about the formation of the new band. I did my impulsive search, found the EP, and picked it up to do the review, as these guys are absolutely deserving after all their hard work.“Ignite EP” is five tracks of solid hard rock, sort of similar to bands like Godsmack or Staind. Two things that always hook me in are solid musicianship and emotional lyrics, and both are definitely present on this release. Two tracks that get me with the lyrics are “Dark Light” and “From the Flames,” though all five are solid. Every single track has solid guitarwork, and I honestly think “Ignite EP” deserves radio play across the US, Canada, and the UK. Another thing I want to mention is the quality recording of this EP, with perfectly balanced layered tracks. Everything feels very organic, while simultaneously coming across very polished.Soul Desire can be found on Facebook at the link below. From there you can access their online shop, and of course you can get their EP on iTunes.If you are in a female-fronted hard rock, heavy metal, Gothic, or Industrial band that has a recent or upcoming release, and you would like it reviewed, please contact me at Please let me know if you have heard of an album release you might like reviewed from your favorite bands.

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